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Gold Range Add 27 Grow & Flower- (Grow): 1% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphate, 4% Soluble Potash, .002% Zinc. (Flower): 2% Phosphate, 2% Soluble Potash, .002% Zinc. Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 is a mineral based nutrient additive with amino acids that will optimize the rate of cytoplasmic streaming (how a plant delivers nutrients to its cells). A nutrient activator, Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 is designed to take your regular mineral fertilizer and, through its special protein based chelating technology, unlock and deliver a more effective and powerful mineral nutrition. Dutch Master ADD.27 supercharges nutrients to significantly improve their performance! Add Gold Range ADD.27 to your existing plant nutrient program – it works with all nutrients, in all systems and with all growing mediums.

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