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This type of hash is extracted with Isopropyl Alcohol. 99% is the best, but very difficult to find on your local shelves. Most stores carry 91% and 70%. Any of the 3 will work however. For your convenience, we have all three of them available!

Isopropyl Alcohol
Mason Jar with lid
Bowl or other container
Rubber band
Coffee Filter
Cook Sheet Pan
Well ventilated area

Step 1: Put fine, ground up clippings into a mason jar and fill it about 1/4 in. higher then the content level with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Step 2: Shake for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Pour contents into a bowl, and place a coffee filter with a rubber band around the mouth of the mason jar.

Step 4:  Pour contents through the coffee filter (back into the mason jar) until you have separated the plant matter. Be sure not to tear through the coffee filter. You can  also do this by hand, by taking a coffee filter and scoop it with a spoon, then squeeze out with your fingers.

Step 5: Discard all of the green plant material, and pour the remaining contents into a flat pan.

Step 6: Put in a well ventilated area, either outside, or by a window with a fan.

Step 7:  Let it dry completely, and scrap the contents with a razor blade.

Step 8: Mold into a ball, and continue to let dry if necessary. For best results, it should not be oily and stick to your fingers (at least not near as much). Enjoy ;)


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